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Who we are?

How we do it?

We use well-grounded research methods to roll up reliable data about any desired topic or target groups which allow us to successfully conduct large scale qualitative and quantitative studies across all villages, towns and cities of Nepal. This information helps your establishment make more accurate decisions by understanding customer’s buying cycle and serves as a vital instrument to boost your market share and improve customer relationships in present hyper competitive marketplace. We don’t bound ourselves to a specific research method or data collection – we do whatever works best: scientifically proven, honest to the respondents and sustainable for the industry.

Why Minds Nepal?

We are a purebred agency of Nepal and proud of it. Only a few others can claim to understand the Nepali consumer as closely as us. Our top asset is the market intelligence we have sharpened over our very long and eventful journey with the Nepali consumer. Hence, our biggest strength remains that we are not hesitant of the word ‘New’. Unlike many companies, our superior experts actively work on your projects, putting years of hands-on experience in a variety of domains at your service. Our proven knowledge to deliver actionable insights and firm support makes us the preferred research partner for leading national brands. Key to our success is our philosophy of soul-stirring with clients: we listen to you and customize our approach to meet your needs. Our leading edge research tools, along with our ability to adapt new methodologies in collection and analysis, offer a wide range of solutions to realize your business goal. This combination of our distinct competency, nimble tools and industry expertise helps leading brands generate insights that give them a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We just don’t deliver research reports – we deliver strategic compositions to clients who seek to connect more deeply with potential consumers and create a sustainable source of business advantage.

Bottom Line

Minds Nepal bends insightful ideas into innovative marketing strategies. We offer services that help build powerful brand identities that reach out to consumers and establish an intense connects. Our bottom line is simple but to the point in today’s business environs, because we promise outstanding value for your research investment.

About New Business Age

New Business Age Pvt. Ltd., pioneer of business journalism in Nepal is the only media house of Nepal with a long institutional history in specialized business journalism. In terms of market presence and recognition, the foundation for future has been well built and the Aarthik Abhiyan Daily is the undisputed market leader in the economic journalism field. Also it has been recognized as a steady player in the mainstream dailies with the 5th or 6th largest circulation in the country. Good relations are established in the markets even outside Kathmandu by organising number of interactions and publicising the proceedings.

New Business Age is the largest Business English monthly of Nepal today and ONLY publication of its type in its category with its dynamic news portal

Mission and vision


We aim to be the most trusted media house in Nepal. We want to finance our growth through sustainable profits and we create a work environment which attracts the best talents of Nepal.


We are an independent voice in Nepal, providing news, views and analyses to support the growth of our customers: businesses, professionals and investors. In our work, we observe global ethical and journalistic standards.


Continuous Improvement – We persistently measure, monitor and analyze our products to improve quality, productivity, processes and our people. Team Work & Work Environment – We create a work environment which stimulates respect and dignity.

Business Conduct – We conduct our business in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Innovation and Creativity – We foster initiative and creativity amongst our employees. We create a work environment where they feel comfortable to make suggestions and raise concerns.

Result Orientation – We mobilise every iota of our resources towards the well planned goal, so that all efforts at every stage of our activity, is oriented towards achieving the foreseen results.