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Our Research Specialization

Since the inception of Minds Nepal, we provide our Clients with a full array of research services. The research solutions that we offer are majorly cost-effective and can be customized as per our client’s objectives. Some of the categories that we specialize include, but not limited to:

• Marketing Potency Studies

• Sales Potency Studies

• New Product Development Surveys

• Brand Positioning

• Brand Perception Studies

• Brand Strategy

• Company Profiling

• Industry Analysis

• Market Size Studies and Trends

• Competitive Intelligence

• Customer Satisfaction Surveys

• New Concept Testing

Our team possesses knowledge, abilities and devotion in different market areas and methodologies to successfully complete studies and research for our Clients in various industries such as:

• Healthcare

• Retail


• Durable Goods

• Automotive

• Financial Services

• Construction

• Telecommunication

• Food & Beverage

• Hospitality

• Social Organisation